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Missoni Wave Pour Homme EDT

Missoni Wave Pour Homme EDT

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    The enchanting freshness of Missoni Wave Eau de Toilette is inspired by the waters of the Mediterranean.

    A sparkling and contemporary fragrance, it is dedicated to the young man with solid roots, who lives his life to the full. He is generous and adventurous, virile and principled, and above all, a commanding leader.

    The sea can be calm or stormy, but it is always strong and straightforward. Barefoot on the soft sand, his feet grazed by the foam of breaking waves being pushed by a morning breeze, this young man looks at the horizon. His thoughts take him on a wonderful journey, where shining citrusy scents are tied to pure aromatic notes and vibrant, sensual woody brushstrokes.

    The sensation is like endlessly caressing a shimmering, silky Missoni fabric.


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