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Poison Les Extraits

Poison Les Extraits

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  • Tuberose, Vanilla, Coriander, May Rose

    In Spring 2014 Dior presented the collection of Dior Les Extraits, which includes five cult fragrances for women by Dior and in perfumery in general. The collection encompasses mini editions available as perfume extract: Miss Dior, Miss Dior Original, Diorissimo, Poison and J’adore, which are, as announced by Dior, "much more than fragrances, because they possess philosophy of perfumers: the spirit of Dior radiant through the tiniest details, pervading perfumes in all phases of production, from their creation to meticulous selection of raw ingredients, art of bottling to delicacy of packaging."

    The power of Poison is reflected in intensely spiced flowers and fruit, a fusion of coriander, vanilla and tuberose absolute surrounding and accentuating the sensuality of May rose absolute.


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