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Trudon Bustes

Trudon Bustes

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    As soon as the Consulate period started, Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) became aware of the importance of having his portrait shown to the French people. Thus, he initiated the edification of his own legend. All the supports were used, from sculptures to snuff boxes and fans. The multiplicity of objects bearing the effigy of the Emperor or representing imperial symbols constituted an extraordinary tool of propaganda for the Napoleonic legend. During the Restoration, however, Bonapartists were forced to hide and prepare their revenge, spreading more and more seditious objects. The Emperors death in 1821 made him less dangerous in the eyes of Royalists and copies representing his main actions once again multiplied.

    Absolute authority: chin up, proud bust and a contemptuous attitude, the Sun King rules.
    Immortalized in a 7-meter high monumental sculpture by Franois Girardon (1699), the Louis XIV cheval took centre stage Place Vendme before the statue was raised to the ground, in 1792, during the French revolution. Today a resident of the Muse du Louvre, the bust still stands tall, reproduced in a smaller scale.
    An iconic royal figure and messenger of lart la franaise, Louis XIV now looks over Cire Trudons collection of busts.


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