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Sauvage Face Moisturizer

Sauvage Face Moisturizer

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Size: 75 mL

    Sauvage Moisturiser for Face and Beard is composed of 96%* natural-origin ingredients. With a lightweight, non-sticky texture, this moisturizer procures a relaxing, fresh sensation and is quickly absorbed by the skin to hydrate it while leaving a matte finish.

    Suitable for all styles – beards, mustaches or close shaves – the Sauvage moisturiser hydrates and softens skin without a trace of residue.

    Sauvage Moisturiser for face and beard is the essential product from the Sauvage scented grooming routine. In a deep blue color, the bottle is composed of almost 40% recycled glass.

    * Amount calculated based on the ISO 16128-1 and ISO 16128-2 standard. Water percentage included. The remaining 4% of ingredients contribute to the formula’s performance, sensory appeal and stability.


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