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Jean Paul Gaultier [OFFICIAL STOCKIST]

Le Male Elixir Parfum

Le Male Elixir Parfum

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    Le Male Elixir the sailor triggers a heatwave when he steps aboard! On deck, this Gaultier fragrance is so intense that gold melts in flaming streaks across his torrid torso and metal can. Talk about sex appeal when this woody aromatic amber and totally addictive fragrance envelops his body!

    Woody aromatic amber notes define this intense fragrance. Just one torrid spritz of this woody aromatic amber elixir is enough to set the senses on fire to the point of addiction. Ablaze with sensuality. Intense on the skin. Sunny tropical Tonka bean gravitates towards legendary lavender. The animal magnetism of seductive benzoin. A blast of fresh mint and bergamot. Now, youre ready! Youre melting with desire.

    A dazzling bottle.
    Admire this sailors torrid virility and gold-striped torso as he takes the helm. With his torso bulging under the translucent amber sailor top, this dazzling golden bottle simply oozes sex appeal. But beware of his skin that gleams with copper hues in the setting sun! Dont touch! Youll get burnt!

    Product Ingredients: Lavender, Tonka Bean, Benzoin, Mint.


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