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Jadore Body Cream 150ml

Jadore Body Cream 150ml

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    Creamy and nourishing, J'adore Les Adorables body cream hydrates the skin and leaves it feeling soft, fresh and comfortable.

    Infused with jasmine wax and cotton extract, and composed of 92%* natural-origin ingredients, its generously scented formula ensures the fresh and floral notes of J'adore last all day long. The ultra-sensorial and enveloping texture of this opalescent white body cream is reflected in a fine glass bottle evocative of the iconic bead atop the J'adore bottle.

    * Amount calculated based on the ISO 16128-1 and ISO 16128-2 standard. Water percentage included. The remaining 8% contribute to the formulas performance, sensory appeal and stability.


    Generously massage the shimmering scrub onto damp skin to transform the exfoliant into a delicate milky oil. Rinse and dry.
    Generously apply the body cream and massage until it melts into the skin.
    Enhance the skin with a dab of the refreshing and illuminating golden gel.
    Add the finishing touch to your beauty ritual with a spray of your J'adore fragrance.


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