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Issey Miyake Fusion d'Issey Extreme EDT

Issey Miyake Fusion d'Issey Extreme EDT

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  • Top notes: Essence of cardamom / Essence of bergamot
  • Heart notes: Essence of peppermint
  • Base notes: Essence of sandalwood / Mineral solar accord

    A new intensity, born at the heart of nature in fusion.

    Deep dive and discover an unexpected nature emerging from the watery depths where the contrasts between strength and freshness are pushed to extremes. Fusion Dissey Extrme is an Eau de Toilette intense where the intensity of volcanic woods encounters the spicy freshness of cardamom and bergamot, to create this new masculine extreme fragrance.

    The fragrance
    The interplay of contrasts between the intense freshness of the deep currents and the heat of magma is here pushed to extremes. The fresh aspect comes from spicy notes of cardamom combined with the zesty scent of bergamot. Between strength and balance, the aroma of peppermint mingles with the verticality of the profound mineral solar accord that is the signature of Fusion dIssey. Underlying this, the unique union of sandalwood and patchouli essences.


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