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INIKA Savanna Skies Brush Trio Set

INIKA Savanna Skies Brush Trio Set

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    Featuring 3 professional grade makeup brushes with super-soft, high-quality, vegan bristles.

    The set includes:
    -Kabuki Brush - Designed for precision buffing liquid and powder foundation, as well as expert blending for contour, blush, and highlight.

    -Foundation Brush - Ideal for applying INIKA Organic Liquid
    -Foundation or BB Cream, with a mid-sized flat head designed to hold the product in the brush and buff it onto the skin, creating an airbrushed finish with ease.

    -Blending Brush - Smudge eye pencils, soften eyeshadows, and blend concealer like a pro with an expertly designed long, tapered brush to seamlessly fade all kinds of shadows and create multidimensional eye looks with ease. Vegan Leather Brush Cylinder to store all your makeup brushes.


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