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J'adore L'or Essence de Parfum

J'adore L'or Essence de Parfum

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  • Floral

    Noble, sensual, Jadore L'Or is the quintessence of the J'adore floral bouquet, combining Jasmine and May Rose Absolutes grown at our exclusive estates in Grasse, with the oriental charm of Vanilla and Tuberose. Jasmine Grandiflorum shines with intense, enveloping floral power and fruity accents. The May Rose reveals its sensuous strength and immediate beauty with touches of spice. Intermingled with these two absolutes, Vanilla entices and embraces while keeping its slightly rugged charm, and Tuberose a vision of beauty in white destabilizes with its relentless fervor. Olfactory intensity that is now adorned with a new chiseled necklace, enhanced with an organic movement created using a unique engraving technique. As precious as the most beautiful of jewels worn on the skin, Jadore L'Or comes to life, sensual and carnal like the liquid gold that flows through it.

    Perfumers' Word:
    Jadore L'Or is the fragrance of every extreme. Its floral Absolutes are rare, its concentration intense. Its oriental character is present, immediately recognizable in a rich bouquet of nuances; in its voluptuousness and its expressiveness. Its sensuality is perceptible, a painting entirely devoted to the beauty of flowers. - Franois Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator

    Olfactory Description:
    Jadore L'Or is the quintessence of the Jadore floral bouquet:
    Rose de mai from Grasse wields a sensual power, an immediate beauty with almost spicy accents.
    Grasse Jasmine's floral quality shines with an enveloping, intense fruitiness.
    Tahitian Vanilla envelops and cajoles while maintaining its slightly rough charm.
    Tuberose, that heady white beauty, has a maddeningly obstinate character.

    The bottle of this Essence de Parfum is draped in a new chiseled necklace with a flowing, organic movement, created using a unique engraving process. As precious as the finest jewelry worn on the skin, Jadore L'Or comes to life, sensual and carnal down to the liquid gold that it enlaces.


    For a sensual and enveloping routine:
    1. Savor a moment of highly sensorial relaxation by applying the J'adore Beautifying Body Creme.
    2. Apply Touche de Parfum on pulse points.
    3. Perfume with J'adore L'Or.


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