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Mr Burberry Element Eau de Toilette

Mr Burberry Element Eau de Toilette

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  • TOP NOTES: Green almond
  • HEART NOTES: Juniper
  • BASE NOTES: Ambergris, Mineral notes, Oakmoss

    Introducing the Burberry Men's Mr. Burberry Element EDT Spray in the convenient 1.7 oz size. Launched in 2020 by the esteemed design house of Burberry, this fragrance has swiftly become a signature scent for many men. It is a captivating blend that offers an invigorating twist to the traditional men's perfume.

    The top notes of green almond set the scene for this unique scent. This initial aroma is both sweet and nutty, creating a truly memorable first impression. As the day progresses, the heart notes of juniper begin to take center stage. The juniper lends a fresh, coniferous aroma that adds a sense of depth and complexity to the fragrance.

    As the fragrance settles, the base notes of ambergris, mineral notes, and oakmoss make their presence known. The ambergris provides a subtly sweet and marine-like undertone, while the mineral notes give off an earthy, almost metallic aroma. This is all grounded by the oakmoss, which lends a lush, forest-like scent to the mix.

    Mr. Burberry Element is not just a fragrance, it's an olfactory journey that transports you from the sweet allure of green almonds, through the refreshing juniper heartland, and finally sets you down amidst a forest of ambergris, mineral notes, and oakmoss. This EDT spray is perfect for the modern man who appreciates a robust, layered scent.

    The sleek design of the bottle, combined with the distinctive scent, makes this Burberry Men's Mr. Burberry Element EDT Spray a fantastic gift for any occasion. And with a barcode of 3616301293460, you can be confident you're getting an authentic Burberry product. Experience the boldness and sophistication of Mr. Burberry Element today.


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