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INIKA Vegan Brush Case

INIKA Vegan Brush Case

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    Create a professional makeup look with this set of 6 Vegan makeup artist brushes housed in a Vegan leather case.

    The compact, travel-friendly zipped case keeps your brushes neat and tidy on the go. The designs feature bristles crafted from supreme quality, ultra-soft fibres and a handle made with biodegradable and sustainable PLA derived from Corn and Cassava.

    The versatile design allows the case to fold and sit upright, becoming a beautiful brush stand with press studs to secure it in place.

    Case includes:
    Powder Brush
    Foundation Brush
    Shadow Brush
    Blending Brush
    Detail Brush
    Brow Brush.


    1. To use Case as a brush stand, unzip, fold, and sit upright. Use the press studs to secure it in place.
    2. Case includes:

    - Powder Brush: A soft, fluffy powder brush designed to evenly disperse powder foundation onto face and body to create an airbrushed finish.
    - Foundation Brush: This hardworking vegan brush has flat, densely packed bristles to effortlessly buff in liquid and powder foundations. It allows for even, buildable coverage on the skin to suit every occasion.
    - Shadow Brush: This vegan, eyeshadow brush features fine and dense bristles that blends cream, powder, and mineral pigment eyeshadows to create any eye look.
    - Blending Brush: A vegan, multi-tasking brush that blends out eyeshadows, pencils and concealers seamlessly, shaped to expertly diffuse and blend colour for endless eye looks.
    - Detail Brush: A vegan, all-rounder brush with short fluffy bristles to control, buff and blend eye makeup and concealer application.
    - Brow Brush: Coat brush head with product. Lightly brush pigment through eyebrows and shape as desired. Use the spoolie end to brush hairs into place.

    - Take care not to apply too much pressure down on the bristles.
    - It is best to build coverage slowly.
    - Clean your brushes twice a month for optimal performance. Use a good quality organic shampoo and wash with warm water. Once the water runs clear, squeeze out any excess water and lay your brush flat on its side to dry. This allows water to drain out and stops any possible long-term damage to the bristles.


    Made from high quality vegan fibre bristles. Handle is made from a biodegradable PLA material, made from a microbial fermentation process with Raw Corn and Cassava.

    Natural Ingredients: 100%


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