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INIKA Shadow Brush

INIKA Shadow Brush

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    Create a variety of eye looks with this professional-grade Vegan eyeshadow brush. Your essential tool for applying eye makeup, the INIKA Organic Shadow Brush features a long, tapered brush with fine, dense bristles to blend and soften eyeshadows with ease.

    This certified Vegan brush features recyclable bristles crafted from high quality fibres, while its handle is made from biodegradable and sustainable PLA derived from Corn and Cassava.

    Achieve an expertly crafted, polished look with this brush designed for seamless, airbrushed shadow application with one swipe – whether using creams, powders, or mineral pigments.


    1. Lightly press the flat side of your INIKA Organic Shadow Brush into the pan of your chosen eyeshadow.
    2. Once the flat side is coated, gently sweep product across your eyelid for even application.
    3. Repeat until desired coverage and an evenly blended finish is achieved.

    - When applying metallic shades, very lightly dampen the brush before application so that the product adheres to the brush, and your eyelid.
    - It is best to build coverage slowly.
    - Clean your INIKA Brush twice a month for optimal performance. Use a good quality organic shampoo and wash with warm water. Once the water runs clear, squeeze out any excess water and lay your brush flat on its side to dry. This allows water to drain out and stops any possible long-term damage to the bristles.


    Made from high quality vegan fibre bristles. Handle is made from a biodegradable PLA material, made from a microbial fermentation process with Raw Corn and Cassava.

    Natural Ingredients: 100%


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