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Escale a Portofino Eau de Toilette

Escale a Portofino Eau de Toilette

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    The idea of a journey lends wings to fragrance, providing an endless source of inspiration and expression.
    For this escapade in Italy, the first part of Diors new fragrance odyssey, Franois Demachy, Perfumer-Creator for Dior, imagined a fragrance characterized by freshness but offering a more robust structure than a cologne.

    Citrus notes were an natural choice, and one can distinguish a beautiful Calabrian Bergamot, Italian Citron & Sicilian Petit Grain. They create a vibrant, sparkling, soft freshness, a perfect backdrop for the familiar almond note, that leaves a gentle, long-lasting trail. Citrus cultivation is highly popular on the peninsula, where excellent quality essences are made. This Eau de Toilette contains 16 natural essences, chosen exclusive ingredients from Italy and the Mediterranean.

    Its bottle, topped by a silver cap, is marked by the precious cane motif.

    When elegance meets luxury for a spirit that is light and casual.


    Apply on pulse points: wrist, inner elbow and neck.


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