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Le 8 Hypnose Mascara Set

Le 8 Hypnose Mascara Set

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    More than ever, your loved ones deserve the extraordinary. Declare their uniqueness with this exceptional holiday set, wrapped in a profusion of joyful gold and adorned with the precious Lancome x Richard Orlinski rose.

    -LE 8 HYPNOSE MASCARA: Experience a revolutionary vision of mascara powered by Lancome science: a breakthrough formula made of 91% active black balm & 8 revitalizing amino acids encapsulated in pure glass. Instant sculptural volume. Stronger, fuller looking lashes in 4 weeks.

    -CILS BOOSTER: A white mascara base, suitable for sensitive eyes and enriched with XL Micro-Fibers, that helps to protect your lashes and to gain maxi booster effect. The Cils Booster XL formula allows more length, curve and thickness for the lashes, without clumping or smudging. Its white colour intensifies the colour of the mascara applied over it. This Holiday season, gift the extraordinary with Lancome.

    *Valued by Lancome.

    Consumer Benefit:
    -LE 8 HYPNOSE MASCARA: A new formula generation, without any wax, powered by 91% active black balm and 8 revitalizing amino acids.

    -CILS BOOSTER: Longer lashes and all day wear

    - LE 8 HYPNOSE MASCARA: Upon 1st usage, activate this innovative formula in a few seconds: fully draw in & out the brush 8 times to unleash full-bodied buildable volume. Apply brush to the eyelashes from lashline to tips for an even coating of the mascara.

    -CILS BOOSTER: Apply from the lash base to the tip, working the brush in a zig zag motion for maximum volume and separation. Follow with your favourite Lancome mascara.


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